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Baby, does this dress make me look fat? 

No…no…you look wonderful…

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Anonymous whispered:Isn't selling photocards illegal :)? 


Other teenagers are illegally selling drugs while I’m sat here illegally selling photos of Asian men.

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Well put!

Thankss! It’s really hard to get what i’m trying to say across because my blog makes me look like some hardcore Jongkey worshiper, but really most of us aren’t straight up crazy like we’ve been assumed to be!! :p 

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Anonymous whispered:Omg I thought I was the only one who is a bit uncomfy with the direct Jongkey messages. I ship them hard yet I dont know, don't want people to make it awkward XD 

Hahahah yess exactly how I feel, like I would feel super weird imposing on their actual lives by claiming that they ‘look good together’ or what-not anywhere too public, and I think twitter (because of Jonghyun’s activity on there) is kind of a danger zone :p People can get pretty passionate publicly with their shipping and the last thing I want is for any of the idols to feel any more awkward than they probably already do with all of the shipping stuff going on! I prefer just staying in my little tumblr corner, shipping more of the idea of them (AU, fanfics, their friendship) than the actual people, because they are real people.  I’m very strongly against the whole “THEY’RE REAL THEY’RE ACTUALLY REAL THEY JUST HAVEN’T COME OUT YET!” We don’t know hardly anything about their personal lives, and it’s a huge disrespect of their privacy to go around claiming something like that in my opinion! They’re just trying to live and be themselves, so let’s not make them feel awkward and keep our feelings more on the down low ^.^  

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As you know, Today/Tomorrow is Jongkey day (23th July). For this year, we are trying something big. Our plan is to get Jongkey to world trend! starting from 00:00 Kst our every post both on Facebook and Twitter shall be supported with the hashtag “#Jongkeyday”. We want you ask you to join us, shared the love and support. Lets to this together!

Jongkey shipping indonesia and Jongkey’s Wedding

— YAY people lets doooo thisss~~~! Jongkey fighting!!! (via yogurtjktower)
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[PICT] 140722 Jonghyun - SM’s Building

Sc : Ln_無耐心無信心 on Weibo
Cr : thaluuu on Twitter

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Key say ‘Happy birth day’

omg key-ah!

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This is what I do when I am extremely bored.  

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Jonghyun: Today, 21st July, is Tablo's birthday. Happy birthday. Must celebrate it well with your family.
Cr : Dinokey
Tr : squishyjinki
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bumkeyk: because kibum’s instagram captions are important

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Translation of SHINee's Onews note to Sewol ferry tragedy shawol:


Heard that you like SHINee’s songs.

My heart became really heavy.. How difficult it must had been.. Even though I can’t fully understand this feeling, but you’ll definitely go to a better place, where it is safe; I will be thinking like that.

Will this be able to comfort…

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/Gets high enough in governmental position to make the last 70 seconds of SHINee’s 1000 years the National Anthem/